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SIS-SME project

Using Eduzines – interactive, transmedial learning materials for smartphones – to build strategic innovation skills of SMEs


SIS-SME will develop a comprehensive strategic innovation training programme for business owners and managers to support a progressive recovery from the impact of Covid-19. It will pursue its objectives by presenting all training materials in a series of SIS-SME EduZines which are designed to support mobile learning on smartphones. In doing so it will seek to address the low uptake of education and training in the SME sector. The project will focus on building Strategic Innovation Skills of SMEs to ensure that they are informed and equipped to harness the potential of emerging opportunities in today’s digital world. The project will also provide essential in-service training for VET tutors to ensure that they are, in the first instance, knowledgeable about strategic innovation in the SME sector and more importantly, build their pedagogic and digital skills to help them harness the potential of online learning to deliver a high-quality VET service in the current Covid-19 context where traditional institution based provision is no longer viable.


The SIS-SME project will develop innovative education methods and digital tools over the course of project lifetime


In-service Training Programme

SIS-SME will provide a comprehensive in-service training programme for VET tutors comprising 2 distinct parts as follows:

Part A - will focus on building an understanding of strategic innovation in a business context. This element of the in-service training will introduce different typologies of innovation to ensure that VET tutors can facilitate this transformative process through their services.

Part B - will focus on building the digital and pedagogic skills of VET professionals to enable them to provide a quality VET service through accessible and interactive online environments while building their self-confidence to work in remote learning environments.


Compendium of Interactive Infographics and SIS-SME EduZines

The SIS-SME project will address issues identified through the provision of a compendium of interactive infographics and SIS-SME EduZines that will bring learning right to the heart of the work environment. In consultation with partners it has been agreed that interactive infographics and SIS-SME EduZines for business owners and managers will address the following 7 strategic innovation modules:

- Innovation Typologies

- Business Culture

- Drivers of Innovation

- Ethics & Governance

- Corporate Innovation Strategies

- Into Action

- Business Strategy Solutions

These 7 modules will be accompanied by a special module that introduces the learning model contained in the proposed EduZines.


SIS-SME MOOC and Community of Practice

The proposed SIS-SME MOOC will provide access to the EduZines developed. Access will be via the QR codes contained in the interactive infographics. It will also provide access to the complete in-service training package.

The Community of Practice will serve as a communication tool for stakeholders and users.


SIS-SME is brought to you by a team of 8 expert partners from 8 European countries, namely: France, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria. Together, partners jointly cover the expertise needed in order to successfully implement the project goals.


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